Strategy, Creative, Digital & Communications

Agent help to develop brands through insight and collaboration – we connect people through a unique, united, multidisciplinary approach to marketing. In this era of constant change we do what’s absolutely necessary to help you transform and unleash potential.

It’s an experience that we love, it’s what we do and by meticulously guiding you through our process we’ll create success that you’ll be proud to communicate.


  • Paul Corcoran

    Paul Corcoran

    Chief Executive
  • Sarah Pates

    Sarah Pates

    Senior Project Manager
  • Zoe Wallace

    Zoe Wallace

    Agent Academy Director
  • James Harper

    James Harper

    Senior Videographer & Photographer
  • Jeanette Gill

    Jeanette Gill

    Communications Director
  • Kurtis Boylan

    Kurtis Boylan

    Head of Digital
  • Sean Irwin

    Sean Irwin

    Strategy Consultant
  • Shane Farmer

    Shane Farmer

    Digital Consultant
  • James Shaw

    James Shaw

    Head of Partnerships
  • Debbie Lowndes

    Debbie Lowndes

  • Ben Dalton

    Ben Dalton

    Programme Facilitator
  • Harriet Holbrook

    Harriet Holbrook

    Senior Communications Consultant
  • Dan Byrne

    Dan Byrne

    Head of Strategy
  • Michael Cottage

    Michael Cottage

    Senior Creative Consultant
  • George Barnes

    George Barnes

    Executive Assistant to Chief Executive
  • Ben Demba

    Ben Demba

    Strategic Marketing Assistant
  • Jay Smith

    Jay Smith

    Design Executive
  • David Milner

    David Milner

    Campaigns Consultant
  • Ryan Cummings

    Ryan Cummings

    Junior Designer
  • Matthew Tebbutt

    Matthew Tebbutt

    3D Motion Designer
  • Harry Phillips

    Harry Phillips

    Motion Designer
  • Sophia Iqbal

    Sophia Iqbal

    Communications Assistant
  • Daniel Groves

    Daniel Groves

    Junior Web Developer
  • Joshua Oakes

    Joshua Oakes

    Web Developer Apprentice
  • Teza Simukulwa

    Teza Simukulwa

    Junior UX Designer
  • Lucie Osborne

    Lucie Osborne

    Partnerships Manager
  • Liam Anderson

    Liam Anderson

    Web Developer
  • Harrison Quadir

    Harrison Quadir

    Junior Web Developer
  • Leo


    Head of security